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Scheduling Software for Salesforce Users

The process for scheduling meetings with prospects and customers was broken—until now.

Scheduler for Salesforce makes it easy for your customers or prospects to schedule time with you and automates all of the administrative tasks associated with booking the meeting—right from within Salesforce.

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Less scheduling, more selling

Redefining the sales process

Progressing leads through the funnel requires time and effort. Sales people wait an average of 3 to 4 days for a qualified lead to respond with a time they’re available to meet.

Even when the meeting is finally scheduled, it often requires follow-up—logging activity, sending confirmation emails, syncing calendars. Often, these tasks have to be performed across different systems outside of Salesforce. If the meeting needs to be rescheduled, the process starts all over again.

Scheduler for Salesforce fixes this process by making it easy for prospects to schedule time with you and automating all the administrative tasks associated with booking the meeting—right from within Salesforce.

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Generate More Qualified Leads

Supercharge your inbound and outbound marketing

Reaching your marketing campaign goals requires a lot of work. You need to find ways to generate more qualified leads through email and other campaigns. And you also have to create effective calls to action on your website to drive meetings for sales.

Engage with qualified prospects at the peak of their interest by putting a Scheduler link in all of your online and other marketing materials. This makes it easy for qualified prospects to schedule time—at their convenience—with a sales rep, and delivers clear marketing campaign attribution.

Increase customer satisfaction

Accelerate customer service and support efforts

Connecting with customers is time consuming. Whether it’s onboarding new customers, resolving support tickets, or conducting status checks—customers expect a quick response.

Unfortunately, customers often feel frustrated when trying to connect with their vendor—decreasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Scheduler for Salesforce makes it easy and fast for customers to schedule meetings with you. The result? You’re able to onboard more customers, close more tickets and accelerate renewals— recognizing revenue faster.

Built for Salesforce

TimeTrade understands Salesforce. Leveraging our years of Salesforce expertise, we enable your team to manage the entire customer engagement process directly within Salesforce, without having to manage different vendors, ecosystems or applications. The result is a smooth end-to-end experience—from point of deployment to scheduling and management, all within Salesforce—creating greater customer success.

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Lightning Ready

Fully integrated with the Lightning user experience to help your team sell faster and be more productive.

Multi-Cloud Support

Works with many Salesforce Clouds, including: Sales, Marketing, Service, Financial Services, and Community.

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Hassle Free

Requires no development or deployment of IT resources. Be up and running in minutes.

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