Reporting and Analytics

Respond with Customer Experience Analytics

More data. Better decisions. Happier customers.

TimeTrade continues to work after every appointment ends by delivering Next Best Action™ results. Reporting and analytics from TimeTrade show Net Promoter Score, the performance of marketing campaigns, staff performance efficiency, and more. You can easily export data manually or via integrations. Capture appointment data on the customer record in your CRM platform—including Salesforce—or other business systems.


Fast access to customer engagement data

See how many appointments have been scheduled, completed or missed. Determine if you have sufficient staff ready to handle the expected number of appointments on a given day. Improve operations and the customer experience instantly.

appointment analytics displayed on an ipad
Resource Optimization

Drill down on the details most important to your business

Lead time data shows how long it takes from when an appointment is booked until it occurs. Use this information to adjust staff and location availability.

Online to Onsite Analytics™

Create marketing campaigns that work

Measure the effectiveness of your online customer acquisition programs and digital campaigns. Track attribution all the way through to purchase, even when it occurs in a store or branch. Allocate marketing resources to the campaigns that are driving results.

Post-Purchase Survey

Fast NPS customer feedback

Timely, customizable post-appointment surveys capture customer satisfaction sentiments such as Net Promoter Score. Customers receive the text or email survey immediately after an appointment, which increases response rates and collects more valuable feedback.

Next Best Action™

See appointment quality

Filter and analyze dashboard data to determine your Appointment Quality Index® KPI, showing strengths and areas for improvement.

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