Interactive Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling by Text and Voice

With TimeTrade’s Text and Voice capabilities, your customers have the ability to schedule appointments by text message, or via our automated voice system. Customers also can use voice or text to join the queue, cancel or reschedule appointments.

Interactive Text Scheduling

Engage with your customers through text messaging

With Interactive Text Appointments, your customers can schedule, join the queue, reschedule or cancel appointments by text message. Customers can quickly find out how long the wait time is at your locations, and let you know if they are running late.

Customers can select the appointment topic, what location they prefer, and when they would like to meet—all via text messaging.

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Interactive Voice Scheduling

Your customers can book appointments even when you can’t get to the phone

With TimeTrade’s patented Interactive Voice Appointments, your customers can call your automated phone system to book or change an appointment in exactly the same way they do it online. Whether a customer calls during or after business hours, you can use our voice recognition or dial prompts to ensure the appointment is booked smoothly and accurately.

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