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Orchestrate customer flow with Queue Manager

Let your brand be known for its amazing customer experience—not long, agonizing wait times. Whether you want to view all appointments for the day, allow customers to check in at a kiosk, or display estimated wait times, TimeTrade’s Queue Manager tools help manage on-site traffic so you can focus on providing optimal service to every customer.

Watch the video to learn how Queue Management Software by TimeTrade helps employees prepare for upcoming customer appointments and manage walk-in flow with a comprehensive suite of sales floor enablement tools.

Exceed customer expectations during every visit

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Provide “we’ve been expecting you” service

Help employees proactively prepare for customer visits by giving them mobile, one-stop access to all of their appointment details for the day, including who they’re meeting with and why.

watch icon detailing waiting times

Keep customers updated with estimated wait times

Give customers the freedom to browse your store while they wait by providing them with estimated wait times based on true check-in and start times, staff utilization, and more. Managers are proactively notified as customer wait times exceed thresholds.

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Deliver personalized customer experiences

Boost upsell opportunities and deliver friction-free, tailored experiences by integrating our queue management software with your CRM for 360-degree customer views, including purchase and communication history.

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Get valuable feedback post-appointment

See how customers rate your in-store experience through customizable surveys. Customers receive the text or email survey immediately after an appointment, which increases response rates.

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Empower customers to check in anywhere

Let customers connect with you on their own terms. Queue Manager software gives them the flexibility to join virtual queues through text or voice—while on their way, at an on-site self-service kiosk, or through a staff associate. Customers can receive appointment updates and alerts sent to their phones.

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Optimize in-store operations and meet KPIs

Review powerful KPIs such as lead time, start and end times, no-show rates, and customer satisfaction ratings to generate your full Appointment Quality Index. Track appointment activity over time so you can better optimize store operations.

Meet the entire family of queue management software applications, built on our unified platform

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Concierge mobile app

Manage customer flow in real time

Equip employees with the tools they need to stay on top of their daily appointments. With concierge, floor associates can use their tablets and smartphones to check customers in as they arrive, update appointment stages, and transfer appointments to colleagues to minimize wait times. Managers get a real-time, holistic view into customer traffic and team performance, so they can reallocate staff if needed to ensure the most efficient service.

Self-service kiosks

Connect with customers at their convenience

Queue management software gives customers control over their in-store appointments, whether they’re checking in for a scheduled visit or viewing current wait times before adding themselves to the queue. Using interactive self-service kiosks, customers can sign up to receive updates via text, enabling them to choose how and where they wait.

self service kiosks giving customers control over in-store appointments
customer watching digital queue display showing up-next-for service alerts on appointment queue
Digital queue displays

Inject transparency into the waiting process

Manage customer expectations with up-next-for-service displays. Customizable digital queue displays can be integrated into your existing digital signage and automatically update as people check in and appointments are served.

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