Reserve with Google

Convert Google searches to scheduled appointments

Reserve with Google allows people using Google Search, Google Assistant, or Google Maps to make bookings with local businesses. Convert more web and mobile searches to scheduled appointments in your stores and branch locations. TimeTrade customers can enable “Reserve with Google” bookings to their business easily and quickly.

TimeTrade is the solution for multi-location businesses that value appointments to connect with Reserve with Google. If you are an organization with 10 or more locations, and want to quickly enable Reserve with Google for team members to accept appointments at all your locations, then TimeTrade has the solution to fit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TimeTrade has worked with Google to enable our customers with direct integration between the TimeTrade Scheduler for Enterprise and Google. Google users can book appointments and services through Google Search, Google Assistant, and Google Maps, and new “surface areas” such as mobile apps for booking will be added soon.

Reserve with Google is currently available to TimeTrade Scheduler for Enterprise (Enterprise Edition) customers. TimeTrade Scheduler for CRM and Small Business are not currently available for use with Reserve with Google.

Contact your TimeTrade Account Manager if you are interested in Reserve with Google. If you are a new customer of TimeTrade, schedule a call with us.

The rollout of Reserve with Google is by industry vertical and country (geographic location). Not all verticals are currently available, but TimeTrade is working with Google to expand the vertical market coverage.

Reserve with Google does not currently support “custom questions” directly from the booking process. Normally, you will receive name, email, phone number, and the appointment type and date/time from the booking process. If you are using TimeTrade on your website or mobile app, appointments made directly may have additional information.

Yes. However, this experience is currently limited to Google users and businesses in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Google platforms that include this booking capability are Google Search, Google Maps, Google Assistant, and the Reserve with Google website.

When a potential client searches for a business using Google Search, Google Maps, or the Reserve with Google website, they will see the upcoming appointments you’re offering. These users will then have the option to select a time and complete their transaction right from the Google screen, making the booking experience faster and friction-free.

When you receive a booking through Google it is identical to receiving a booking through TimeTrade. Appointments will show up on your calendar, Concierge Mobile, Coordinator, Queue Display, and in appointment reports.

Customers can find and book appointments directly through Google Search, Maps, and the Reserve with Google website.

No. If a time slot no longer available in TimeTrade, Google users will not be able to book into that time slot.

The user may cancel or reschedule through through the normal Cancel or Reschedule link included in the Confirmation email that they receive from TimeTrade. In addition, they can Cancel or Reschedule from the Google notification messages or console. Users booking through this process will receive notifications from both Google and TimeTrade. The format of the Google notifications are fixed, however, you have full control of the content and styling of notifications sent by TimeTrade.

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