Scheduler for Salesforce with Cisco Webex Meetings

Scheduling meetings with prospects and customers is frustrating

Coordinating availability between prospects or customers and team members is complex and time consuming. Endless back and forth using multiple systems—email, voicemail, web conferencing and CRMs—to manually schedule meetings wastes valuable time. When a meeting is finally booked, often someone needs to reschedule, triggering more back and forth. As time passes, the lead grows cold and the revenue opportunity slows or disappears.

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Scheduler for Salesforce fixes the problem

Scheduler for Salesforce makes it easy for marketing, sales and customer success teams to allow prospects and customers to schedule Webex meetings right from Salesforce. The result? Happier prospects and customers, faster decisions, and revenue growth. Use Scheduler for Salesforce throughout the customer engagement lifecycle to connect with prospects and customers more quickly and leverage your Webex Meetings investment.

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TimeTrade has significantly cut down the time it takes to schedule a meeting with my clients. Instead of going back and forth with static dates, the client is able to pick a date and time that works best for them. I’ve heard how awesome they think this is on their end, but I love it as well!

Brooke Duchaney

LPL Financial
Calendar Integration

Full integration with your personal and teams' calendars

Scheduler for Salesforce synchronizes with the most popular business calendars. Whether you use Outlook, Google, iCal, Office 365, and/or your Salesforce calendar, Scheduler ensures free and busy times are accurately reflected and booked meetings are added to your personal calendar and all attendees’ calendars.

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Web Conferencing Integration

Include Webex Meetings details with ease

Scheduler integrates with Webex Meetings, so you can easily include conferencing details in your invitations. No more cutting and pasting links from Webex meetings into the invitation: Scheduler auto-generates a unique, secure Webex meeting link for each meeting.

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Schedule Webex meetings on behalf of a colleague, one-on-one, or with teams

Sometimes you just want to meet one-on-one with a prospect or customer, sometimes you need to include one or more colleagues. Other times you need to let people schedule on your behalf. Scheduler for Salesforce supports any scenario by showing the availability of anyone included on the meeting, allowing customers and prospects the ability to book a meeting when everyone is available.

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Customized Availability

You control when you’re available

Some customers or meeting types might need unique meeting times. Customized availability allows you to offer fully open availability, rolling availability, a set date range, or you can choose specific dates and time to craft personalized meetings. Fine-tune your meeting times to meet the needs of your prospects and customers, while always staying in-sync with your personal calendar—avoiding any chance of a double booking.

Pooled Availability

Distribute appointments across your team from one calendar

Whether you have two or 2,000 people available to take appointments, you can pool your team availability and prioritize employees based on who is available and best qualified to help. Scheduler for Salesforce sees the unique availability of each person in your organization and combines them to offer prospects and customers maximum availability. Internal meetings, vacation times, and free time are instantly synced, ensuring the times you offer are truly available—eliminating worries about double booking.


Route inbound meetings to the right team member

Inbound meetings from your website, marketing campaigns, social media, and sales and customer service emails, are automatically routed to the available qualified expert—based on skill set, location, time and duration of the meeting, or any other criteria—ensuring you match prospects and customers with the employee who can best meet their needs.

generate a meeting with a prospect based on an assigned lead score

Automatically schedule meetings with artificial intelligence

Leverage Salesforce Einstein to automatically generate a meeting with a prospect based on an assigned lead score. Meetings are scheduled, prospects are engaged and leads move quickly through the funnel—much faster than a traditional manual process.

A seamless, end-to-end customer experience built for Salesforce and Webex Meetings

TimeTrade understands Salesforce and Cisco Webex Meetings. Leveraging our years of expertise, we enable your team to manage the entire customer engagement process directly within Salesforce, without having to manage different vendors, ecosystems or applications. The result is a smooth end-to-end experience—from point of deployment to scheduling and management all within Salesforce.

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Lightning Ready

Full support for both the Classic and the Lightning user experience to help your team sell faster and be more productive.

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Multi-Cloud Support

Works with many Salesforce Clouds, including: Sales, Marketing, Service, Financial Services, and Community.

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Shield Compatible

Fully integrated with Salesforce Shield monitoring, encrypting, and auditing—securing your data and greatly mitigating risk.

5 star rating

5-Star Rating

Users love Scheduler. See why it's been called a "world class service and product" on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce users rave about Scheduler

Saves Me a Ton of Time

Open TimeTrade, select the amount of availability I want to offer (typically the next few weeks). Generate a link and email it. That's it. No more back and forth. TimeTrade shows the times available, sends out the invites, and creates the WebEx meeting. If somebody wants to reschedule they can go back to the link and do it themselves. I've been very happy with it and the people who schedule meetings with me frequently ask what tool we use for this because they like it too.

March 25, 2019

An Essential Tool for Any Situation

I have been using TimeTrade for about a year now and it has dramatically increased sales and connections. When you are able to officially schedule a meeting on your calendar and your prospect's calendar, it brings a level of professionalism to the table and connections on these meetings are through the roof. It allows you to streamline communication as well because the prospect is able to adjust the time accordingly if something on their end pops up.

February 26, 2019

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