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Scheduler for Salesforce

Close more deals—faster

Connect with your customers in a whole new way with Scheduler for Salesforce. Have more conversations, grow your accounts, engage with new customers, close deals faster, and leverage your Salesforce investment—all with the new TimeTrade Scheduler for Salesforce. Sales and customer teams can now access the power, reliability, scalability and security of the world’s leading appointment scheduling platform—without ever leaving Salesforce.

Generate Quality Leads

Campaigns that convert

Marketing teams can amplify lead generation by placing an appointment link on their website, social media, email campaigns and nurture programs. The result is more qualified leads generated by a clear call to action with a committed follow-up. Appointments booked via the campaign are passed automatically to Salesforce for full visibility into results and lead attribution.

Eliminate the back and forth

No-hassle prospecting and lead follow-up

Scheduler for Salesforce lets sales reps offer appointments to individuals or distribution lists in seconds—with personal calendars and Salesforce activities updated automatically—making it easy for prospects to schedule time with you.


Manage meetings efficiently

Instantly nail down meeting times

Your teams can instantly schedule and manage meetings on behalf of customers right from the Salesforce lead or contact record. This eliminates the use of disparate systems and searching for free time across multiple calendars when more resources are needed. Scheduler for Salesforce utilizes existing customer information and automatically updates the lead or contact when a meeting is scheduled.

Personalize the entire Journey

Deliver highly personalized service

When prospects become customers, the journey isn’t over. Continue to personalize the experience through high-touch on-boarding and ongoing customer support meetings—all right from Salesforce. By eliminating the back-and-forth of scheduling, TimeTrade ensures your customers receive fast, frictionless service. Appointments scheduled with support reps automatically create cases inside Salesforce, for a complete view into customer history.

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