Convert More Inbound Leads with
Appointment Router

Make it easy for customers and prospects to schedule an appointment – directly from a website, email or online landing page

The Appointment Router™ technology makes it easy for your prospects to instantly book sales appointments with your team members online from your website or landing page. Watch the video to see how it works.

Watch the Video

Smart Routing Creates a New Inbound Sales Model for Sales and Marketing

The Appointment Router’s “Smart-Routing” streamlines and accelerates the sales process by replacing traditional “Contact Us” forms with the opportunity for a hot prospect to immediately reserve a time on a representative’s calendar, eliminating the need for following up with and chasing leads.

This new capability also gives marketers an effective way to get marketing campaign respondents into sales meetings by including a “Click to Schedule” call-to-action in email campaigns and on landing pages.

The Core Capabilities of the Appointment Router Include:


Uses configurable assignment rules like state, company size or product interest area to offer instant One-Step Appointment Scheduling™ to a website visitor.

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Website Integration

Add “Click To Schedule” capability to a company’s website, blog, or e-mail campaign landing page to create an instant scheduling opportunity for the prospect or customer.

Marketing Automation Integration

Integrates with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms including Marketo, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Eloqua and to capture customer information in parallel with the TimeTrade appointment confirmation.

Appointment Activity Metrics

Easy to understand reports that give sales and marketing managers a daily, weekly and monthly view of appointment setting activity at the sales rep, sales group and corporate level.

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