Why Campuses Are Using Online Scheduling Programs

A convenient solution for both students and faculty

Today’s students expect businesses and organizations to keep up with modern technology to provide them with rapid, user-friendly service. It’s no wonder that students and faculty on university campuses across the U.S. are turning to online scheduling programs. With an increasing number of obligations, more responsibilities, and more to keep track of, sometimes a little bit of help keeping it all straight is an absolute necessity! That’s where online scheduling software comes in.

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Easy to use. Always available.

As of 2015, 19.1 million students were attending college on campuses across the country, a number that’s expected to keep growing rapidly in the future, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. For already-busy faculty and staff, that’s a lot of students to keep track of and a lot of student appointments to facilitate. In fact, appointment setting, when done in the traditional manner – over the phone – takes up an inordinate amount of time and resources, not to mention it’s inefficient in nature. There’s a lot of room for mistakes and miscommunication when phone messages are being passed back and forth.

In contrast, online scheduling programs allow students and faculty to book their appointments through laptops, tablets or smart phones – and they can do it 24/7, not just during regular business hours.

How online appointment scheduling can help your school

Easy to use

Online appointment scheduling software offers simple-to-use features that make both students’ and faculty’s lives easier. Users can edit and change entries with the click of a button.

Improves efficiency

Once an appointment is set, it’s automatically stored in the system. Appointments can be linked to specific data sets, so you can search for appointments using keywords and variables, making record keeping a snap.

Online appointment scheduling software for Service and Support Teams
Increases productivity

Automatically send out appointment reminders at a specified time by text or e-mail, eliminating the need for staff to perform this time-consuming task manually.

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