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TimeTrade helps leading brands optimize engagement through all phases of the customer relationship. TimeTrade’s Intelligent Appointment Scheduling solution harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to improve meeting scheduling strategies through real-time customer insights and actions, producing better meetings and higher growth businesses, with TimeTrade customers outpacing their peers by nearly 3X. Tens of thousands of businesses – including leading global banks, retailers, and software companies – use TimeTrade’s Appointments-as-a-Service platform to deliver the personalized attention expected by today’s on-demand consumers.

The many business benefits TimeTrade customers realize by providing “We’ve been expecting you" service include:

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15% more traffic

Appointment scheduling and queue management increases high-value in-branch traffic by 15%.

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25% close rate increase

Sales close rates increase by 25-50% when customers are assisted by knowledgeable, prepared employees.

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40% sales acceleration

Increase sales cycle speed by 40% by eliminating back-and-forth emails and voicemails.

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100% average lift

Customers spend an additional $100 purchasing 1.8 more banking products per appointment when your employee has time to prepare for a meeting.

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150% return on investment

Increased appointments scheduled and kept + increased revenue per appointments = powerful, 150-300% ROI with a 16-25 week payback.

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20% more connections

Increase connections with customers by 20% by scheduling appointments for specific days and times.

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