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TimeTrade is how leading organizations—like yours—differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive, consumer-driven economy by creating conversations that drive business.

The many business benefits TimeTrade customers realize by providing “We’ve been expecting you" service include:

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15% more traffic

Appointment scheduling and queue management increases high-value in-branch traffic by 15%.

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25% close rate increase

Sales close rates increase by 25-50% when customers are assisted by knowledgable, prepared employees.

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40% sales acceleration

Increase sales cycle speed by 40% by eliminating back-and-forth emails and voicemails.

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100% average lift

Customers spend an additional $100 purchasing 1.8 more banking products per appointment when your employee has time to prepare for a meeting.

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150% return on investment

Increased appointments scheduled and kept + increased revenue per appointments = powerful, 150-300% ROI with a 16-25 week payback.

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20% more connections

Increase connections with customers by 20% by scheduling appointments for specific days and times.

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