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Optimize engagement through all phases of the customer relationship with TimeTrade’s Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling solutions. Join TimeTrade clients – who outpace their peers by nearly three times – and harness the power of artificial intelligence to increase revenues with seamless appointment scheduling and real-time customer insights. Thousands of global leaders – including banks, retailers and software companies – rely on Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling to deliver the personalized attention expected by today’s on-demand customers.

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TimeTrade is how leading brands like these differentiate themselves in a consumer-driven economy

Solve the challenge of scheduling multiple locations, staff, resources and queue management built for organizations that need a highly scalable and secure solution. Scheduler for Enterprise

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Intelligent Appointment Scheduling is a proven, highly profitable piece of the experience puzzle, allowing brands to convert customer interest at its peak to deliver highly personalized interactions.

150% return on investment

Increasing appointments scheduled, appointment show-rate, and revenue per appointment results in 150-300% ROI within 16-25 weeks

15% more traffic

Appointment scheduling and queue management drive and increase high-value in-branch or store appointments

90%+ Improve Show Rate

Increase customer show rates to more than 90%+ with automated, personalized notifications and reminders.

25-50% close rate increases

Sales close rates increase up to 50% when customers are assisted by knowledgeable, prepared team members

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40% sales acceleration

Increase sales cycle speed 40% by eliminating back-and-forth emails, voicemails and calling, chasing and waiting

increased productivity

Recover 45 minutes on average per representative per week with TimeTrade by removing tedious administrative tasks

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