Why You Need Intelligent Appointment Scheduling

Online Appointment Scheduler

Accelerate business growth with an Online Appointment Scheduler

Your prospects and customers have changed – expecting more from your business every day. Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling allows you to meet your customers where they are – online, on their mobile devices, through search engines, and on the phone. Combining the knowledge of artificial intelligence with the power of online scheduling, integrated online appointment scheduling tools gives your customers the ability to connect with you at anytime, anywhere – scheduling appointments with the right team member in the right location, at a time that works for everyone.

Connect with Customers

Fast, personalized connections via any channel

With 94% of buyers reporting that they buy more from a company when they have a live interaction with a knowledgeable employee, 50% of customers reporting that they have a hard time scheduling time with businesses, and 75% finding it frustrating to get voicemail, Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling is what your customers want – and what your business needs.

Today’s consumers demand easy and instant connection during every stage of the buying cycle. Online appointment scheduling tools allow your customers to connect with your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on the channels they’re already on – mobile, web, social or even within a Google search. And each customer will be greeted with “we’ve been expecting you” service.

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Speed Sales

Turn back and forth into conversations

Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling ends the calling, chasing and waiting game that sales teams have always had to play. The average wait time for a qualified prospect to respond with a meeting time is three to four days, and it takes an average of eight cold call attempts to reach a prospect.

In fact, 60% of sales reps waste the equivalent of six selling weeks a year just trying to get customers on the phone. Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling raises connect rates by 20%, increases sales bookings by nearly 30% and improves time-to-close by 40%.


Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Your best customer is a current customer, and customer loyalty depends on quality service. Intelligent Appointment Scheduling makes it easy to provide the kind of service that drives Net Promoter Scores. With the ability to facilitate customer meetings, online appointment booking increases customer lifetime value while building brand loyalty. Today’s customers respond to knowledgeable salespeople and tailored events and classes, and 74% say that branded events make them more likely to buy the products and services being promoted.

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events and classes drive store traffic

Flawlessly executed on-site events and classes

Easily incorporate events and classes into your existing marketing programs for a consistent booking experience. Customers can register for a class or event the minute they are interested—at any time from any device. Greet class registrants upon arrival and capture real-time information. Use the event management mobile app to check-in customers, so you know who arrived, can manage the wait-list and mark events as completed to trigger immediate follow-up notifications to registrants.

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